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Brass sealed nozzle heaters are completely against external agents such as melted plastics. They are very resistant to wearing and shocks. High watt-density per square centimeter allows a fast and safe reaching of required working temperature. Brass sealed nozzle heaters are submitted to extremely high pressure that ensure high insulation, excellent thermal exchange, lack of internal voids, perfectly smooth contact area for an optimum and uniform heat transfer to every part of the nozzle.

Features of Brass Copper Band Heater :

Max. Watt density over the surface of the heater: 5W/cm²

•  Max. operating temperature over the surface of the heater: 340°C, depending on working conditions.

•  Diameter: 25 to 100 mm; Height: 20 to 70 mm; Wattage: 65 to 970 Watt, 220/230 Volt single phase

•  Sealed band heater in brass, with folded ends.Band heater connection, waterproof technology.

•  Electric insulation by mica plate.

•  Connection: nickel core, fiberglass insulated + earth wire; protected by a galvanized steel braid.

•  Connection cap: axial 30°, centred on the height of the band heater, up to 38 mm height. Over 38 mm height, it is placed at 20 mm from the edge.

•  Square angle flange clamping, screw BTR M4, self-locking square nuts.

•  Our products are in accordance with EN 60335-1

Wattage tolerance: +5% -10%

Leakage current <0.75 mA/kW