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Nano far-infrared electric band heater is heated by the high resistance electric heating wire and far-infrared ray, which generate through quartz far infrared radiation tube. It is normally used in the plastic processing machinery. The electric heating ring has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, good energy-saving effect and low surface temperature.It is the most advanced heaters for the injection molding machine industry.


1. Electric heating conversion efficiency is as high as 99.8%;
2. Infrared radiation heating mode, high efficiency and unidirectional radiation;
3. Surface temperature is lower than 70 degrees, greatly improving the operating environment;
4. Energy saving rate as high as 30%-83%;
5. Installation is simple, can be directly replaced the existing electric heating circle;
6. Use patent all stainless steel structure, stable, service life of up to 8 years.

Specification: customized according to machines’ size.


  1. Injection molding machine
  2. Drawing machine
  3. Film blowing machine
  4. Extrusion machine
  5. Granulator and all system needing electric heaters

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