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Ceramic Band Heater

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Ceramic band heaters transmit heat through both conduction & radiation. The ceramic core is housed beneath a stainless-steel sheet with serrated edges. This combined assembly of the Ceramic Band Heater offers a flexible heating system that works as an efficient transmission of conduction and radiated heat. The element winding is designed to heat the ceramic blocks to the point at which they radiate energy into the barrel as well as conduct energy by being in contact with the barrel – fit is not as critical as in other types of bands. The heat of the Ceramic Band originates from the inner coils that transfer heat through conduction.



 Sheath Material

     Aluminium coated  or Stainless Steel

Insulation Material

     Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Watt Density

     Up to 45 W/in2

Watt Ratings

     500 – 5000 W


     120 V & 240 V, single phase, 2 phase and 3 phase


      25mm – 250mm


40 mm  minimum to expand upto 1200 mm in 3 parts




Reduce power consumption

 Conserve heat

 High degree of flexibility

 Uniform heat distribution

 Various termination styles


Features& Benefits


Lower Operating Cost – Less heat escapes to the air and less wattage is required to maintain barrel temperature, due to superior insulation.

Heat transfer – Conduction and radiation are used as the means to transfer heat, thus they are less prone to thermal expansion problems and a near perfect fit is not required as with other heaters.

Longer Heater Life – because all materials used are rated to operate at very high temperatures.

Higher Operating Temperatures

Flexible – easy to install and remove

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